Luxury Vacation Homes – Budgeting Made Easy

So, you’ve decided  to   go  on  vacation 

But you aren’t sure how you’re going to make it! After all,  vacations  are super expensive and you aren’t entirely sure how you’re  going  to have enough  to  go where you would like to. Not to mention that you also have to make sure that you have enough for food, getting there, getting back, emergency money, and maybe-if you have any spare money at all-a souvenir or two. With such tough standards to follow, it can be difficult to decide what to do and also where to go.

However, sometimes even the best thought out  vacations  don’t work out. The main thing that comes to mind in these cases is that lovely group of people called college kids. College kids are nice and everything, but they have the added problem of being energetic and loud-in short, something you don’t want when you are trying to take a  vacation . You don’t want to get off a plane only to find out that everyone is yelling and screaming at your hotel-you want to relax, sit back, maybe take a nice nap. You can’t do that if it’s super duper loud! So, what can you do?

Well, you can look into luxury  vacation  homes. But, just by reading the words “luxury  vacation  homes”, you probably cringed. However, there’s really no need for cringing or panicking. As a matter of fact, with the right budgeting, you can get pretty much any luxury  vacation  home that you have in mind. It’s all a matter of having the right timing, the right budgeting mindset, and lots of planning.

First of all, before you do anything, figure out where you want to go. You never know if you’re  going  to end up somewhere weird for your  vacation , so try and decide now. Even if summer is still a year away, you still need to know how much you’re going to have to save.

Next, keep an open mind. You may not realize it, but quite a few places offer discounts if you book early or if you go off-season. You only have to ask. And remember-you don’t HAVE  to   go  on  vacation  during the summer. Some people may find that the fall is better suited to their  vacationing  needs! Or perhaps spring! Or maybe you want to go somewhere hot during the winter instead! The point is-you don’t HAVE to have your  vacation  during the summer!

Lastly, you need to start budgeting, which is the most important part when you really come down to it.

First of all, see what extra money you have. If you have a certain amount extra that you are wasting each month-well, start putting it up! Try to get a rough estimate of how much this might be before but also keep in mind that you probably won’t save quite half of that.

Next, cut what you don’t need. Do you really need that super duper keychain polish? Chances are…no. Do you really need that fourteen dollar cleaner? You could probably get the same thing cheaper and better smelling at the dollar tree. The point is to cut out the wants and keep it to the necessities. However, don’t lose your stress relievers.

If you get any bonuses, also put them towards your savings. They make the saving process go a LOT quicker!

If you stick to this, you will find it quite a bit easier to save for luxury  vacation  homes!

Alaska Cruise Vacations: The Top Ten Reasons to Go

I have to admit, I love Alaska. I fell in love with the place on my first Alaska cruise. The scenery is beyond incredible, and the variety of activities and adventures available is really mind-blowing.

Therefore, it’s no surprise to me that Alaska cruises are becoming increasingly popular each year. Cruising is about the only way to see many of Alaska’s most amazing sights, from Glacier Bay National Park to Misty Fjords National Monument.

The following is a list of what I think are the top ten reasons to take an Alaskan cruise.

10. The incredible shore excursions and Alaska tours. When your ship is docked in ports such as Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan, you can participate in a wide array of shore excursions, everything from whale watching to bear viewing to riding in a sea plane through some of the most amazing fjords in the world.

9. The cooler weather. I don’t know about you, but when it’s 98 degrees at my house in the middle of August, the thought of head off to a place where it’s 65 degrees is incredibly appealing. The summer weather in Alaska is generally very comfortable, averaging around 60-65 at the coast and maybe 75 inland. It’s perfect weather for outdoor adventure.

8. The whales. I saw everything from Beluga whales to Orca to Humpbacks, and I didn’t even do on a whale watch. I saw most of them from the shore, and amazingly up close. Seeing these amazing animals in their natural environment is just incredible.

7. The rainforest. You may not know it, but southern Alaska is home to the largest rainforest in North America. It’s temperate rainforest (pines instead of palms), but it’s no less lush or dense than the rainforest you’ll find in the tropics, and no less beautiful. Thanks to the precipitation, waterfalls, streams, rivers, and lakes are literally everywhere. It’s all just so beautiful, it never stops taking your breath away.

6. The native cultures. You’ll have a chance to see everything from live totem pole carving to native dance ceremonies. There is a surprisingly large variety of different native cultures in the region (no, not just “Eskimos”), and these cultures have amazingly vibrant cultures, histories, and traditions.

5. The wildlife. Wildlife is unimaginably abundant. On my first cruise, I saw bears (black and brown), Dall sheep, a fox, deer, and a bunch of bald eagles — all in the wild. Kids will especially love seeing the wildlife. It’s a real treat.

4. The waterfalls. I know I mentioned waterfalls already, but they are so amazingly abundant in Alaska, I think they deserve a ranking of their own. There is an especially incredible number of waterfalls lining the steep walls of the fjords of Glacier Bay and Misty Fjords National Monument. Makes sure your cruise stops at one of these places, preferably Glacier Bay.

3. The opportunities for adventure. If you have an appetite for adventure, you’ll love the options available on an Alaskan cruise. Everything from dog sledding atop a glacier to ice climbing to dry-suit scuba diving. And that’s all just during your days in port. Add on a pre- or post-cruise inland adventure out of Anchorage, and you can go mountain climbing, white water rafting, mountain biking — you name it, it’s available.

2. The wilderness experience. There is something just so refreshing and uplifting about being surrounded by sheer wilderness. When you come back from an Alaska  vacation , you are simply relaxed and renewed, and, the odds are, you won’t have a sun burn either.

1. The glaciers. Glaciers are the highlight of any Alaska cruise. There is simply nowhere else that you can see tidewater glaciers like these, up close and in action. Watching chunks of ice the size of five story buildings crash into the sea water is something you’ll never forget. It really does take your breath away.

Fun, Affordable Vacations For Families of All Sizes

Over the past 5 years, my family has been blessed enough to take a  vacation  every year. And every year I am faced with the challenge of putting together a fun, memorable  vacation  that everyone will love and that is affordable.

When our family was smaller, this process was a little easier because it seems like the whole world is based on your family size not exceeding FOUR! Well, we are now a family of 6 and the standard hotel room with 2 double beds is just not an option; at least not for stays longer than 2 nights. Airfare would eat up more than 1/2 of our budget, food would take up the other ½, and I will not even start on the theme park tickets. So what is a family to do?

Step 1- Choose the theme of your  vacation : adventure, relaxation, beaches and sun, theme parks, or history and culture. Adventure  vacations  and sandy beach  vacations  are by far the most cost-friendly  vacation  themes.

Adventure  vacations  include low-cost outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, bike riding, and camping. This  vacation  theme is perfect for older children.

Top Adventurous Destinations

Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

New Paltz, New York

Mount Hood, Oregon

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Park City, Utah

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Yosemite National Park, California

Moab, Utah

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, California

Glacier National Park, Montana

Olympic National Park, Washington,

Hood River, Oregon

Acadia National Park, Maine

Sandy beach  vacations  are also extremely affordable and include surfable waves, sandcastle building, great dining, and mile long boardwalks. This  vacation  theme is great for all ages especially babies and toddlers.

Best Family Beaches in US

Coronado Beach, Calif.

Nantucket Island, Mass.

Newport Beach, Calif.

Santa Barbara, Calif.

Panama City Beach, Fla.

Siesta Key, Fla.

Poipu Beach, Hawaii

Duck, N.C.

Hilton Head, S.C.

Kiawah Island, S.C.

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

South Padre Island, Texas

Waikiki, Hawaii

Wailea Beach, Hawaii

* If you decide to take a theme park  vacation , find out if your bank or employer offers discounted tickets. Avoid purchasing tickets on eBay or Craigslist, unless it is from a reliable seller or broker. Also, many theme parks now offer the convenience of child swap. With child swap, one parent can wait in line with the older children while the other parent goes up the handicap ramp with the smaller children. When the other parent gets off the ride, you swap and get right on the ride without waiting in line again. GENIUS!

Step 2 – Choose your means of transportation: fly, ride the train, or load up the car.

Your most affordable option would be to drive. Even if you find a great deal on air fare, chances are you will still need to rent a car once you land, so cut out the middle man and drive. However, if you do decide the fly and rent a car, go to where you can ‘Name your Price’ on airfare and car rentals and save money, many times more than 1/2 the regular price.

Step 3 – Choose when to travel: peak or off peak

Of course you will get the best deals off peak. Orlando’s busy season begins around May/June and ends August 10th. I use that as a guide to plan may  vacations . Avoid holiday weekends; take the day off the following week and keep that extra money in your pocket.

Step 4 – Accommodations:  vacation  home, hotel, or condo

 Vacation  home are perfect when traveling with a large group. Not only do you get a huge home to hang out in for a week, but you also have the company of other adults and hopefully other children to keep your children busy.  Vacation  homes, generally, need to be book several months in advance and you have to clean up after yourselves daily. Standard hotel rooms are more readily available and perfect for smaller families. However, parents don’t have any privacy and you have to eat out every night, which can quickly total up to over $500 just for food. If you are looking for a standard room, Hotwire or Priceline (Name your Price) are your best options. Some people are leery of using these sites because you don’t know where you will stay until you have purchased the room. I have used Priceline many, many times and have never been disappointed. With a condo you have the best of both worlds. Parents have a room and the children have a room. Most condos have a full kitchen and you can prepare simple meals for breakfast and dinner saving you hundreds of dollars. Condos also have a washer and dryer in the unit, perfect for when little Katie or Kevin make and big mess. You can also use the washer and dryer to wash all your clothes before leaving making it much easier to unpack when you get home. Icing on the cake, housekeeping is available!

Another option is to take a time share tour; I know it sucks spending 2-3 hours of your day on the tour because it never only takes 90 minutes. But you can get a great 1 or 2 bedroom condo at an unbelievable rate.

Every family is different and must decide what is most important for them, location, transportation, entertainment or accommodations. Whatever you choose, spend the most money on what is most important and skimp on everything else. So if you want to go to Hawaii, you will spend the most money on airfare and you will have to skimp on entertainment and accommodations, but at least you made it to Hawaii. Happy Travels!

A Scotland Golf Vacation

Scotland has long been regarded as the home of golf, and for this reason it has become a mecca for all those who are interested in this sport. From the world famous courses that host international events – such as Gleneagles and St Andrews – all the way through to the more local courses set in picturesque countryside, there is a golf course for everyone that books one of the many Scotland golf vacations.

Scotland golf vacations come in many different shapes and sizes, although most can be customized by the person booking them to include the different places that they want to go. This can also include breaks from golf to see some of Scotland’s many historical sights and beautiful cities, such as Edinburgh and the Highlands. They can also be tailored to account for the budget that one has to spend, with different hotels being available and different tee times organized. Tee times during the middle of the day are often a lot more expensive.

Scotland really is the perfect place to go when you want to test your skills out on the golf course. Unlike the courses in the United States and Spain, the Scottish golf courses have a rugged feel and contain numerous hazards, as well as a climate that ensures that the player has to be fully in control of their shot. If they aren’t then the wind could take the ball anywhere, often leading to balls dropping into many of the lakes and bunkers prevalent on Scottish courses. Many of the Scottish courses also occupy a space near the sea as well, which means that there is an extra hazard that one should be aware of.

When it comes to the accommodation offered on Scotland golf vacations, there is possibly nowhere else in the world that offers the hospitality that the Scots offer. All visitors can expect a comfortable and clean room, with the added bonus of a hot breakfast in the morning – perfect for those that are going to be walking around a long golf course all day. Many of the hotels also offer evening meals, which are usually hearty meals that will fill the golfer up before heading to bed – or to the local pub. Be sure to try some of the Scottish whiskey, as it is some of the best in the world.

For those that are coming to Scotland with the express aim of improving their game and not just playing on some of the best courses in the world, then most of the courses offer expert tuition from some of the top professionals in the country. Just one lesson will undoubtedly improve anyone’s game by huge amounts, giving them the edge over their friends on the next course that they step on to. In fact, many courses offer special deals, so there is the chance that everyone in the group could get a lesson for a discounted price.

As can be seen, Scotland offers everything that the keen golfer could want. Whether they are playing on St Andrews or on one of the lesser known courses, the challenges are unique and will ultimately turn everyone into a more complete player.

Cape San Blas, Florida Vacations

There is a place of serenity and undisturbed peace that you may travel to, far from Miami and other major hubs of Florida. Cape San Blas is a destination that those looking for pure relaxation should head for.

Located on the horseshoe shaped spit of land in the Gulf of Mexico known as St. Joseph’s Bay, this is what is referred to as Florida’s Forgotten Coast. There are no high-rise buildings, no wall-to-wall people – nor buildings for that matter, no noise, and no pollution. Pristine is the working word for any day on Cape San Blas.

Historically the Cape was used by the Confederacy for salt harvesting from the seawater until 1862 when it was destroyed by the Union. The first lighthouse was built on the Cape in 1847 and was destroyed in August 1851 by gale force winds. There were a few new constructs in-between the original and the currently standing lighthouse. The current lighthouse draws in thousands of visitors a year. The ninety-six foot tall construction houses two keepers so that by use of walkie-talkies one keeper who mans the gift shop can speak to the other who eyes the tower and watches for storms. You have the opportunity to climb the tower, unless there is a lightning storm, where you can view from sea to shining sea… or at least the Cape area.

If climbing lighthouses for a great view isn’t your thing, then why not pop on over to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park? One of the highest rated beaches in the United States is within the park. While visiting you can also try your hand at kayaking, bird watching and dolphin watching. The Park is nestled on over 2500 acres right at the cape’s tip. Camping, hiking and diving are other activities that you may partake.

Most of the area around Cape San Blas is privately owned beach homes and undeveloped beaches and dunes. You have the unique opportunity to enjoy life both bay side and seaside while cruising through the stumphole, as the Floridians call it, which is the narrowest point at only a few hundred yards wide. Pets are welcomed on all beaches, so bring them along too!

Port Saint Joe is the local town on the Cape. It is very laid back, with a few stores here and there for your pleasure. For higher shopping needs, you can head thirty minutes out the Apalachicola. Mexico Beach has a few restaurants and shops to choose from as well. Port Saint Joe has an annual Youth Fishing Tournament in May.

What else to do while away from the hustle and the bustle? You can go crabbing and fishing for your own dinner or perhaps go swimming with your dog. Do you like horses? You can go horseback riding along the beach as well. Too exhausting you say? All right, maybe bonfires and an evening watching the stars glow is more your style.

If lackadaisical is your frame of mind for the  vacation  away from such ports as Miami, then Cape San Blas is the place to be. Some of the friendliest people you may want to meet live here and are ready to show you around. Sleep, daydream, and repeat.

Last Minute Ski Vacations Are Becoming More Popular

With the rapid climate changes that we are all experiencing, last minute ski vacations are becoming more popular than ever before. It is impossible to know in advance of time whether or not a ski resort will actually have snow when the season starts, so planning a ski vacation way ahead of time makes less sense nowadays. Nonetheless, you can still find ski vacation packages at the last minute. In fact, ski vacations are more affordable than ever before check it yourself in , with global warming scaring many people away from risking taking a ski trip and finding it ruined by unseasonably warm temperatures.

This year, we took a Lake Tahoe ski trip. Although it took a while for the snow to fall, once it did it was beautiful and thick. So few people had planned out ski vacations, that despite the fact that we waited until the last minute, we could still find cheaper rates than we normally could months ahead of time. This isn’t the case with all ski vacations, but it was where we were going. You see, it depends on the altitude of the ski lodge. The higher altitude ski lodges still have plenty of snow, but the low-lying ones have a shorter and shorter season every year. If you are ready to take ski vacations at the last minute, many of these low altitude ski cabins will have great deals for you.

Of course, it you go and it doesn’t snow the whole time, you can still enjoy your ski vacation. I have always thought that getaways are mostly about, well, getting away. Skiing is great on ski vacations, but it is only half the fun. The other half is just sitting there, drinking hot chocolate and sopping in a warm hot tub. Even if the snow is not falling outside – and it won’t always be – you can still enjoy that.

As the planet continues to warm, I think that the outlook of ski vacations will change. Outdoor ski lodges will still do some business when it snows, but I think the future is indoors. Already, indoor ski vacations have taken off in places like Japan and Dubai. People pay a fortune to go to an indoor ski resort in the middle of the city and relax for a couple of hours. Although they do not have the majesty of traditional ski vacations – going up to the top of a mountain from which you can see the whole panorama of the state – they have a modern convenience that is unsurpassed anywhere.

Some Ideal Ski Vacations Around America And Europe

Without a doubt Europe and North America have some of the best ski vacation destinations that allow skiers to ski the fabled slopes all the way from Aspen, Colorado to the slopes of Park City to the peaks of the Andes. Europe provides idyllic skiing opportunities in Switzerland, Italy, Scandinavia and more. In spite of the misconception that American ski resorts are overcrowded, there are more than six hundred snowy playgrounds that are not only unheralded, but also relatively uncongested.

Mammoth Mountain, Aspen, Banff And More

Mammoth Mountain, California is big and includes a ski season that lasts till June or July. It even boasts of a ski school with hundreds of instructors, and provides high quality groomed snow throughout the winters. Aspen, Colorado is famous, and has many black-diamond runs as well as steep, narrow trails twists down. As a skier you face the challende of taking on the Rockies. Aspen certainly has quality terrain combined with powder and steep drops that comprises over six hundred acres of skiing excellence. With expert runs and room enough for first-time skiers, Aspen is a hot spot for North American ski vacations.

Another popular North American ski vacation destination is Banff. It is located in Canada. It has been in existence since 1883 and has been a haven for skiers from all across the world down to this day. This ski destination provides three ski areas that have more than two hundred and fifty runs spread over 7,700 acres and is consistently rated as being the top ski destination for skiers as well as snowboarders.

The Andes provides plenty of skiing opportunities and the list of ski resorts is quite long. The Andes of Argentina is certain to provide world class ski vacation opportunities and you can be sure to find a day or two of satisfying downhill skiing available at places such as Las Lenas, Cerro Catedral and Chapelco. There are also limited skiing options available on the volcanoes of the Los Nevados range in Colombia.

In Ecuador, one can ski the four highest peaks called Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Cayambe and Antisana. Peru too has potential for exploratory skiing, while one may want to try out the Chacaltaya Mountain just outside La Paz in Bolivia.

Europe no doubt is a haven for skiing and there are many ski vacation destinations you can choose from including Davos, Adelboden, Champery, Engelberg, Gstaad and many more skiing destinations in Switzerland. Davos is certainly the largest ski resort in Switzerland. It is also the highest city in Europe and is one of the oldest and most fashionable ski resorts that has an enviable reputation for providing excellent skiing along with an exciting night-life. It has five ski areas on both sides of the valley and has much variety in terms of terrain that is ideally suited for alpine skiing.

Of special interest to serious skiers would be a ski vacation that takes in Zermatt in Switzerland, Innsbruck in Austria and Chamonix in France. Also favored are ski vacations in Italy where the Dolomoti Mountains comprise ski regions like no other and high peaks coupled with gentle slopes provide excellent skiing. There is plenty of adventure available for everyone and with an abundance of ski vacation packages available, you can find entertainment, excellent shopping as well as an international skiing holiday for the beginner as well as the experienced skier.

Further north in Scandinavia can be found plenty of skiing opportunities like the impressive Lillehammer Olympic region in Norway. Looking for the very best in Alpine and cross-country skiing? Try the Hafjell Ski resort. It offers excellent ski conditions with Soft-Packed and Machine-Groomed snow. Oslo has the famous Holmenkollen ski jump that attracts plenty of visitors taking a ski vacation in Norway.

Once you have planned your dream ski vacation, it is necessary to know what to pack since this is a difficult part that involves selecting ski gear such as jackets, pants, gloves, helmets, goggles, base layers and more. Whatever you do, don’t forget to pack the ski wear in the order that you will be wearing them. Pack ski accessories as well as those items of clothing you will wear when you are not skiing. Above all, you should make sure to pack ski equipment such as your ski boots, skis, and poles. Also we recommend that you have a ski bag for them. Of course, if you would rather travel lightly, which is what we would recommend, then renting your ski gear is the way to go!

Romantic Rome Vacations

Rome – the undying town! splendid, celebrated, significant, idealistic! Discuss a Rome vacation and romance strikes you immediately. To be on an Italian holiday and not to take a vacation in Rome is actually, seeing Italy without its heart. It is not easy to describe Rome in words – it is simply overwhelming has architectural wonders are obvious in the haughty Vatican, the huge Coliseum, the enduring Roman Forum, majestic shrines, Renaissance palaces and decorative and elaborate churches, and its ancient bell towers. Not astonishingly, our Rome vacation packages make certain that you get to walk around all the magnificent delights this mysterious and treasured city provides – the Piazza Navona, Circus Maximus, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Consequently, for a Rome holiday, there are a large number of packages, each tailored for utmost satisfaction and pleasure.

Perfect Packages

One package that is Rome Special package lets you exist every second of la dolce vita in the undying City. Take pleasure in Christmas and the New Year Italian-style with the Rome Christmas Special or Rome New Year’s Special vacation tours. If you are hunting for economical vacation, there are just the kinds of Rome holiday packages you desire for. Go for the Rome break in your journey, Rome Escape, Express Rome, or Rome Getaway — actually great vacations and hard to resist prices!

Rome combo vacations

One can even unite a Rome vacation with other great Italian cities such as Milan, Venice and Florence. There is a selection of Italian vacation packages where you can mingle two or three great Roman towns together. You can go for Rome & Florence or Rome & Venice or Florence & Venice tour. You are improbable to find enhanced value for money than these inexpensive vacation packages!

To get pleasure from Venice in its right fortitude, Venetian Lagoon Cruise where you discover Venice and its adjoining islands in an exhilarating and reinvigorating six nights cruise that gives you lifelong memories.

Historic Capitals

If you keen to see two of the most talked-about capitals of Europe in one vacation package, we let you get an excellent combo tour of the Historic Capitals – Rome, London, and Paris jointly by Eurostar and rail.

The holiday Packages have also been planned and tailored for the convenience of the travelers. Italy vacation packages help you discover the country at your own speed.

Cheap Christmas Vacations For the Whole Family

If you are planning to take your family to a Christmas  vacation  but are hesitating at the thought of the expenses involved, here’s some good news for you: there are several cheap Christmas  vacations  you can consider. With a little bit of imagination and planning you can enjoy the holidays with your family and spend a memorable, relaxing and meaningful Christmas  vacation  without having  to   go  overboard with expenses.

Here are just some options you can explore that make for exciting but cheap Christmas  vacations :

Explore your own Backyard

The word “ vacation ,” typically conjures up images of traveling to faraway places in another country or perhaps even another continent. But your  vacation  need not be too far. Instead of packing and setting off to check out the tourist attractions in another country why not spend time this  vacation  visiting attractions in your very locality, city or state.

You may be surprised to discover that there are a lot of  vacation  places you can take your family to without  going  that far. This will not only help you spend less for a Christmas family adventure, but it will also help you appreciate your locality more.

Visit Historical Landmarks

Historical landmarks are excellent places to take your family during the holidays. Do some research on the nearest historical landmarks in your area or in the neighboring areas so you can plan your trip ahead. You and your family can start gathering information about the place a few weeks before you leave; this will heighten the excitement of the trip.

Most of the time, there are more historical landmarks around you than you know. These great places are just waiting to be discovered. And because these places have a historical significance, there are usually many cheap but presentable hotels or inns where your family can check in.

Visit Theme Parks

Theme parks are always a sure hit during the Christmas season. Children and adults alike enjoy spending time at theme parks. Although some people may consider a trip to such a place quite a predictable activity for the season, theme parks never really go out of style. They are timeless and never fail to entertain people of all ages. Your family will certainly enjoy  going  to a theme park for Christmas  vacation .

Head for the Beach

The beach is another destination you can have for the holidays. This is perfect for cheap Christmas  vacations  as the rates of cottages are almost always discounted during this season. The rates of seaside cottages, which usually double up during the summer, are more affordable during the Christmas season.

The beach is a perfect getaway for the holidays. It will give you and your family a relaxing place to stay in. If you are a little tight on the budget, you can choose beach cottages that have facilities for cooking. You can save a lot more if you cook your meals than when you eat out. The children can help with the cooking and other chores, and this will be great way to have family bonding.

So what are you waiting for? As Christmas fast approaches, start planning for your family’s holiday  vacation . You can choose destinations from your own locality. You can also opt to visit historical landmarks or theme parks. And lastly, your family can spend the holiday at the beach. You can also use these suggestions each year when you plan for cheap Christmas  vacations  for your family.

Best Golf Vacation Locations

Golf vacation packages let you enjoy a comfortable stay in any of the impressive golf resorts. You can play the exciting sport in the challenging golf courses. The best golf vacation packages offered in the web enable you to take delight in fun golf getaways. The average price of the golf package is $294 on weekdays and $ 328 on weekends. The price includes room rent and golf.

Alabama is one of the best golf vacation spot, which offers splendid opportunities to enjoy. The warm weather, hospitality, lakes, pines and grasses let you forget all your worries. Robert Trent Jones trail in Alabama has 432 incredible golf holes. This trail is spread through ten various sites and it offers a great way to discover the majesty of scenic golfing. Professional golfers from all over the world visit this trial. You need not be an LPGA player or a millionaire to enjoy a golfing experience in this golf course. The best golf vacation package can help you to take pleasure in playing the sport.

Arizona is very popular for golf:

Arizona has more than 200 golf courses. The challenging golf courses like Camelback’s Indian bend and Padre allow you to enjoy the thrill of the game greatly. Scottsdale and Phoenix area is a home to numerous golf courses, which range from traditional designs to desert golf designs. If you are an avid golfer, you can enjoy the challenging sport in any of these courses. There are plenty of other things to do and see in these areas. Arizona golf vacation package lets you enjoy unlimited plays.

Palm Springs in California is a beautiful city, which is surrounded by more than 120 fine golf courses. This city hosts PGA and LPGA events. You are allowed to play in the courses, which you see on television. In addition, Palm Springs offers wonderful entertainment opportunities. Cathedral Canyon Golf club, Desert dunes golf club, PGA West Nicklaus course, PGA West Norman Course and Indian Spring Country club are some of the top rated golf clubs in this city.

San Diego in California is yet another best golf vacation destination. The year-round climate, luscious greens, fantastic fairways and world-class golf courses let you enjoy an awesome vacation. You can play golf at the fabulous Aviara golf club or in the renowned La Quinta resort and spa. The golf vacation packages include unlimited golf.

Nevada is an alluring location for golf vacations. The Legacy golf club and Primm Valley championship courses let you enjoy an unbeatable golf vacation. Las Vegas in Nevada though renowned as a wondrous spot for gambling, has number of golf courses. This city has all the amenities required by an enthusiastic golfer. Since 1990, Las Vegas has become a golfer’s paradise. You can choose either the newest courses or the most esteemed Badlands golf club.

Florida golf vacation let you enjoy a perfect getaway. You can be thrilled to play in the Doral, Innis brook, Tampa or any other dozens of marvelous destinations. PGA National resort and spa on West Palm Beach is the most wonderful destination, which has numerous top class golf courses. You can enjoy the best golf vacation here.