Best Beach Vacations

If you are planning your next  vacations , consider  going  to some Luxury beach resorts. These Luxury beach resorts will provide you with best beach  vacations  at affordable rates. To get a complete list of them, search them on Google or hire the services of some travel agents. The travel agents and tour operators assigned to top beach resorts can arrange for your travel as well as your stay in one of the best luxury beach hotels. They will help you find the best beach  vacations  at the rates that do not pull the strings of your purses in these economically challenging times. If you are looking for unique and exotic locales, tell your travel agent to get you the details about the some packaged deals that are being offered currently by some of the best luxury beach resort as a part of their promotion campaigns. Their exotic locales and enchanting ambience by the sides of pristine beaches at the best beach resorts are there to attract you and make your holiday a truly memorable experience.

Live your dream in the exotic tropical location that has untouched beaches and bask in the sun. Just immerse yourself in the crisp, turquoise waters at the luxury hotels beach and engage in an array of adventurous water sports. The luxury hotels beach provides you the best locations for a holiday. The added touch of luxury, styles, and comfort makes your holiday a perfect one. The coastal waters of the United States, Mexico, or the Caribbean allows you to indulge yourself in that fantasy beach and takes you to some of the most picturesque sceneries in the world.

A best luxury beach resort in the Caribbean is at the Caribbean Villas where you can experience the  vacation  of your lifetime. Whether you decide to spend some quiet time with intimate family members, enjoy a  vacation  with friends, or take your sweetheart for a getaway, you can choose from approximately 900 villas in the entire Caribbean. The best luxury beach resort in the Caribbean is the CaribbeanWay Villa where you can experience one of the most magnificent and personalized holiday of your life. The list of luxury beach hotels also includes destinations such as the Barbados Villas, Cayman Island, Grenada, Jamaica, and Mustique. The Barbados beaches are sultry and allow you to experience the island’s charm at your own sweet will and pace. If you are a newly married couple and looking for a perfect honeymoon destination, the Caribbean island and their luxury beach hotels would make you wish that your honeymoon never comes to an end. One of the top beach resorts at Caribbean Islands is the Nevis Villa that reflects the unspoiled beauty of the island.

The surroundings of Nevis Villa offer you the facilities of world class golf courses and pretty but not very crowded beaches. One of the best beach resorts is available at Dominic Villa where you have the opportunity to explore the typical Caribbean country life that is interspersed with the rich Spanish favour. These places offer great prices during off-seasons.

Cruise Vacations Vs Ordinary Vacations

Cruise vacations are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Years ago cruises were viewed as the ultimate luxury vacation, only enjoyed by the fabulously wealthy, or by cruise groups of senior citizens who had been saving for a cruise all of their lives. These days, quite the opposite is true. The cost of a seven day cruise vacation is comparable to a seven day vacation on to many other land destinations, especially when you consider all of the extras and inclusions that you get on an all-inclusive cruise vacation. Below are a few examples of how cruise vacations differ from the normal vacation getaway.

Cost of Cruise Vacations vs. Ordinary Vacations

When dealing with the cost of a vacation, a cruise vacation compares very favorably with most land-based vacations. When you book a cruise vacation, your fee’s will include your lodging, all of your meals, as well as many daily activities that would cost extra if you took a typical land-based vacation. On land vacations you usually initially just pay for travel and hotel, having to add on daily meals and extra activities. Once you start factoring in the cost of gasoline for travel, restaurant meals and admission fees to parks and other excursions, you almost always come out ahead by booking a cruise instead.

The Food is Fabulous!

When you go on a non-cruise vacation, you are usually on your own as far as food is concerned. Since you will be eating at various restaurants, you are at the mercy of a different chef every time, and you can never be sure of the quality of the service or the food. On cruise ships, however, the food is considered one of the best aspects of the entire trip. You will have plenty of choices for your meals from traditional dining room fare to pizza and burgers at a dockside café. You can literally graze your way through the entire day, starting with poolside breakfast buffets and ending with a midnight snack in a cozy bistro or in your room. You will never go hungry on a cruise, for anytime you need food it will be there for you.

And Then There is the Service…

Your cruise staff is dedicated to ensuring that you are treated like royalty the entire time you are under their care. Eating in the ship’s dining room is comparable to dining at a world-class restaurant. The service is cheerful, impeccable, and very friendly. If you are unhappy at all with your meal, they will happily return it to the kitchen and bring you anything else you desire. If you have special dietary considerations, the kitchen will know about them beforehand and will have made arrangements to honor them. You are not a customer on the ship, instead you are considered an honored guest.

The glorious pampering continues outside the dining room as well. You will find chocolates on your pillow at night, and your coffee made just the way you like it when you sit down to the table at breakfast. After one night your dedicated wait staff will know you and your family, including your likes and dislikes. If you want anything at all, all you need to do is locate a cruise attendant and chances are they will arrange for it to be delivered to you as soon as possible.

Cruises Make Vacationing Easy

Remember those long car rides with your children in the back seat poking each other and growing crankier the longer you were in the car? You will never have to worry about that on a cruise vacation. No maps, no counting the miles to the next bathroom stop, no looking around for a decent restaurant or the next McDonald’s on the side of the road. When you are on a cruise, all the planning is done for you. All you have to do is sit back and relax, and decide which of the dozens of activities they have to offer you want to enjoy.

Cruise ships offer an incredible variety of activities to participate in. The newest ships are floating resort cities. You can drift from activity to activity depending on your mood and vacation style. Even better, cruise vacations offer something for everyone. If you have ever tried to put together a vacation that will please your sports-loving husband, your adventurous son, your shopaholic daughter, and your own delight in experiencing the best foods of the world, you will really appreciate a cruise vacation. Your kids can enjoy a morning at a deck side water park complete with water slides and wave pools while you relax at the shipboard spa with a top-of-the-line massage. You can golf, gamble, hike, and climb rock walls all before you even add in the on-shore excursions.

Whether you choose a leisurely cruise to smaller islands, or an adventurous cruise that takes you on a tour of the Alaskan coast, a cruise vacation simply ca not be beat for cost, convenience or pure fun. When you book a cruise vacation, you are booking an exciting getaway where the world does not interfere with all of its troubles and inconveniences.

If you have never considered a cruise before, this is the year to check it out. With the economic turmoil, most cruise lines are going all out to offer tempting deals to attract vacationers of all kinds. Shop around online and take a look at all the options and advantages that a cruise vacation offers.

Hawaii Vacations – Your Paradise Is Waiting

Who hasn’t dreamed of taking a Hawaii  vacation ? Hawaii is an immensely popular  vacation  spot. There is so much to see with the lovely beaches, fantastic gardens, and secluded waterfalls. Every year thousands of people flock to Hawaii to take advantage of the beauty and to relax. The islands also makes for awesome memories as a place for a Hawaii wedding or a honeymoon. Hawaii is overflowing with the stuff that dreams are made of.

Imagine planning a  vacation  that has six destinations! Hawaii holidays offers just such a package. Since there are six glorious islands in the Hawaiian chain, one can visit each one in one  vacation . And, since all six are different from each other, it is well worth your time to discover the distinctions in the cultures and in the scenery.

If your idea of a perfect  vacation  is posh hotels and tons of attractions and organized activities, then Kauai is the perfect spot for you. The many natural beauties of Kauai include the amazing Waimea Canyon and a kayaking trip down the Wailua River. Kauai  vacation  rentals are some of the finest accommodations on earth and there are tons of organized tourist activities.

If you feel the need to relax and take a break from your often stressful and hectic life, the island of Lanai is the perfect getaway. You can find luxurious and secluded resorts on Lanai, and do plenty of outdoor activities, such as, for example, hiking and golf.

Maui is an island that everyone is familiar with, and with good reason. The scenery is spectacular, and there is always something to do. On Maui, you can satisfy the entire family with a variety of indoor, outdoor, and nightlife activities. If you are traveling with your family or a group of friends, a Maui  vacation  will cater to everyone’s holiday desires.

If you are stymied by trying to figure where in the wonderful world you’d like  to   go  on  vacation , you might give some thought to an island-hopping  vacation . On this type of  vacation , you can spend a few days on each of the islands shopping, mixing with the locals, seeing the sights, and getting in plenty of relaxation. After fully enjoying one island, you just move to the next island to begin again.

Your Hawaii  vacation  can offer you many options and choices for activities, sightseeing, and plenty of relaxation. This will be a trip you will remember for the rest of your life. Contact your travel agent and begin your planning. Your tropical  vacation  to paradise is waiting for you.

Geeks Get the Girl – Top 3 Vacations Spots for Geeks Looking for Romance

There are a lot of sexy hot travel destinations, but if you’ve got better things to do than work on your abs and your tan 7 days a week (like keep your blog current, obsess over your web stats, play World of Warcraft, etc), then those hot spots could leave you feeling mighty cold when you step off the plane and into an episode of the Real World.

If you’re single, part of the allure of going on vacation is hooking up with an awesome foreigner for some fun times and perhaps even a little IM’ing once you get back home. But let’s face it; if think you’re going to jet off to Brazil or Hawaii stand out among the masses of tanned hard bodies, you’re really slimming down the odds achieving that perfect vacation.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to go on vacation to have a great time, not to come back with a complex. Besides, I don’t want to get sand in my laptop and I’m sure as hell not going to go a week without my G5. There are places in the world where a geek can go and have a heck of a good time, enjoy the company of like minded people, and even have a decent conversation with a good looking, intelligent companion.

Amsterdam: If you haven’t been to Amsterdam, get there ASAP. The fact that just about everything is legal there isn’t what’s so great–it’s the fact that because it is, everyone is really down to earth and open. A lot of the coffee shops have high speed internet access and unlike Starbucks, people actually talk to other people so it’s a good possibility that you’ll meet new and interesting people on your travels. Plus, it rains a lot there so no one expects you to have a Coppertone body.

Queensday is a great time to head to Amsterdam if you’re looking for a festive party where you’ll have the opportunity to meet lots of fun-loving people. The party starts on April 30th and doesn’t end until the next evening. Another good time to go is during the 3-week Holland Festival between May 29th and June 24th. Prepare to be up to your neck in of culture, visual arts, theater–and all with an avant-garde slant.

Sweden: Yes, Sweden. Though you may not have heard much about Sweden, this is little country is a geek’s paradise. The 2005 book “Flight of the Creative Class” states that states that “Sweden is the most creative country in Europe and is positioned to attract the top talent in the important and emerging creative class – which is defined as scientists, designers, writers, IT nerds, and other hard-working brains.”

Not only that, but there is a lot good music coming out of Sweden–progressive music, punk, death metal, and all sorts of other emerging bands. There are even a quite a few nude beaches in Sweden and next door in Denmark, nude bathing is accepted just about everywhere.

Ireland: Just about every geek, nerd, and role playing obsessive has harbored some sort of affinity for the lore of Ireland at some point or another. It’s not going to be Middle Earth reincarnated, but when you get there, you won’t be disappointed.

Definitely get there for St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Dublin if possible which is celebrated between the 15th and 19th of March. When 1.5 million people are out in the streets partying to Celtic beats and drinking ale, it’s sure to be a good time. Then in June there’s the Dublin Writer’s Festival and soon after the Dublin Pub Crawl where you get tour around with a bunch of literary and pint drinking fanatics through the pubs in downtown Dublin with literary connections.

If you’re like me and into vacations where you can experience some culture, festivities, and may actually meet some really cool people, check into these geek-friendly locales. Instead of paying online for your European hotels, go to a place like EuroBookings where you don’t actually pay first, but reserve the best price online–that way if the rates go down between now and your stay, you’ll have more money to spend on pints, coffee, and good food.

Avoid Stress When Planning For Family Vacations

Family vacations can be a fun project to put together especially if you include family

members as part of the planning process when selecting the journey. Sometimes in order to maximize the amount of time we spend with our children, we’ve under the impression that a family vacation requires putting the interests of the parents at bay in order to satisfy the needs of the kids. I have found this to be true at times, but have always tried to find places to vacation that would benefit members of the family.

Just traveling these days can present a degree of challenges to be sure that all goes well, but traveling abroad introduces far more variables into the mix that will require more planning in the long run. There are so many details that you need to consider when you are planning a trip that you may want to think about including all members with a preparation check list to follow. This method has worked out very well for our family of four. Each member was responsible for the items on the list which included pre-selected ones and items of their choice.

If you’ve been online lately, you will see that family travel deals are plentiful since most of the big companies love to cater to this group, especially those that are already setup to accommodate any size family. Vacations and summertime holiday trips often mean a time of meeting with new and old friends, family that you have not seen in a long time and the exchanging of gifts to show love or appreciation between one another. I would like to point out that sometimes the travel agents themselves really do have some fantastic deals, especially last minute trips that they want to fill because of cancellations or unsold slots. With minimum effort you can find them surfing the net.

Memories that last a lifetime are often created on family vacations. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect family vacation, but you can come very close to one. Treat every family trip as an opportunity to connect with your children and loved ones. I have found that many years later, my children still talk about places we visited and relatives we shared time with. It’s not always about where you go as it is about who you share that time with and the memories you create. Try not to take this fact for granted.

Recording your trip is extremely important and can take many routes. You can journalize it, video tape it, photograph it, purchase souvenirs or any other way you want. Don’t put yourself in the position that once you return home you find yourself regretting that you did not take a certain picture or record where you’ve been.

Please do yourself a big favor and take your share of scenery shots, but always take 3 to 4 times more family member photographs. If I had even two times the amount of photos of my family while I was growing up as opposed to scenery shots of obscure places, I would now have a more prominent collection of family genealogy to pass on to my children. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very appreciative of the photos I do have and treasure each one.

With the price of digital cameras, both photo and video, there is no excuse for not being prepared to take as many pictures of you family vacation as needed. It’s a good idea to buy extra film or memory sticks before traveling in order to save money and to be sure you are able to photograph that special moment in time. Remember that film can easily be destroyed by the increased security devices that are in use now, so consider buying a special case made especially for carrying film when you travel. If you give some advance thought to packing your luggage, it can go a long way toward making your trip easier and more trouble-free.

Finally, if you plan your family vacation well in advance you have a better chance of being prepared for obstacles that can surface and cause you stress and anxiety. One of the biggest causes of stress when going on a family vacation, or any trip, usually surrounds the monetary factor. Nothing is much worst than having to cut your vacation short because you’ve underestimated how much money you needed for the trip and you find that you can’t afford to stay as planned.

It is always better and wiser to plan a vacation that will not place you and your family in financial burden. So before you write that first check or reserve that hotel and airline ticket, put all your cards on the table and realistically plan what you can afford so it won’t come back to haunt you in the long run. Just these few tips can help to guarantee that you have done what is needed to get your family vacation on the right track. With all the stress that life sends our way, this is definitely one that we want to avoid so all family members can remember years later..those special times shared by all.

Chattanooga Vacations

Whenever I go on vacation I spend a great deal of time on all the websites trying to determine the best things to do while I’m away from home. Advice on the best things to do always seem to come from a local point of view. I have lived in Chattanooga for a very long time, and thought I would offer some tips on the best activities and restaurants that are off the beaten path.

If you enjoy eating out as much as I do, be sure to check out Beas restaurant. Located at 4500 Dodds Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37407, this restaurant has been in business for 60 years and is a staple for the area residents. Delicious southern home cooked food. It’s a buffet but without having to get our of your chair as the food is served on a lazy susan in the middle of the table. Each table seats 8 people so if you go with only a few people you may be lucky enough to get seated at the same table as others. This is a great opportunity to start a conversation and get to know the local people and the activities they enjoy. On Friday they have all you can eat catfish in addition to their other menu items. Their fried chicken is some of the best that Chattanooga has to offer and the price is fantastic. This is a must stop place for every tourist visiting the area. You will not be disappointed. Tea is included in the buffet price, but if you must have a soda they have a machine located inside the dining room.

If you enjoy outdoors, you don’t want to miss Chester Frost Park located at N. Gold Point Cir. Hixson, TN 37343. This beautiful wooded lake park has tent sites, RV sites, plenty of swimming areas, and even a man made beach with sand complete with a volleyball court. Highly recommend spending a day here, take some charcoal and grill your favorite food while enjoying the serenity. The park closes at dusk.

If you are more into the bar scene, don’t miss the Terminal Brewhouse located at 6 E. 14th Street Chattanooga, TN 37408. A wonderful microbrewery, making their own unique selection of beer. The best watering hole for the locals. They have a great menu offering unique & fresh food.

Once of my favorite activities in Chattanooga is dinner on a restored 1929 train diner car. We always do the Christmas dinner where you are served a delicious 4 course holiday meal. very fun experience which gives insight into the height of train travel. They have quite a few packages for both adults and children.

Golf Vacations

Where are you going on vacation with your family this year? There are many places that you could go – beaches, resorts, theme parks, big cities, tourist traps – but one option that you may not have considered is a golf vacation. This type of vacation can offer a lot for families – and not just golf!

Of course, one of the main reasons to go on a golf vacation is play golf – and we all know why you like to do that – great courses, the great outdoors, and most of all a great game. A secondary reason to go on golf vacation is to learn to play (or existing players can improve their standard of play) – as many golf resorts offer coaching or facilities for beginners. If you love to play golf, but your spouse is not into the game, you may find that a golf vacation is in fact a perfect opportunity to introduce them to the game, and involve them in your hobby.

One thing to remember though is that even if you are a family of golf fanatics, you are unlikely to spend every second of your vacation on the golf course. Much as you might love golf, you will need some other activities to be available. And this is especially true if your spouse or kids are not quite as keen on golf as you are. Fortunately, most golf vacation resorts are very accommodating, and many provide a lot more than just golf!

The United States of America is fortunate in being blessed with many beautiful golf vacation resorts with truly excellent facilities and accommodation for families. There are in fact golf resorts all over the country, including in Hawaii, so you and your family can enjoy a fabulous golf vacation in whichever part of the country you choose. So why not get thinking, discuss it with your spouse, and before too long, you and your family could be enjoying a fabulous golf vacation.

Things For Horseback Riding Vacations

Is it is now that you are planning for this year’s  vacation ? If yes then have you thought what the destination would be? Will it be an adventurous  vacation  or then a sweet and romantic one? But this time why not try horseback tours. This is going to be adventurous and also romantic.

There are times when you plan for a  vacation  that can give you a complete rest time without doing too many activities. Choosing horseback tours for a  vacation  this year is certainly  going  to be superb. With this you can select lot of options like horse riding at the beach, safari rides, etc. Nowadays these tours have been highly popular but then if you are planning to opt for it you need to be highly cautious regarding it.

By opting this for your  vacation  you will get the chance to ride on different terrain which can give you the opportunity to develop your skills in riding. When you have planned  to   go  for this  vacation , the very first thing you need to do is to search out for best horseback tours operators. There are different fundamentals which you will have to look for over here. The first on the list is that the tour operator should be reliable. At time you find them reliable you will be assured about the right bookings done by you and about the money paid to them.

Apart from this experience is also important and you need to consider this also. This refers that the operator you select must have an idea regarding the various different places where horseback tours are planned. It is because just then you will get the maximum fun and adventure that you have thought of and also get greater enjoyment here. The tour operator should also be accessible all the time. The main reason behind this is that whenever you have some query or doubt they will be willing to solve all your doubts. Make sure that you do not only have their online contact but all contact information which will help you to speak to them whenever you face any problem.

Apart from this when the entire plan is decided and the horseback tours are booked the next thing which is important is learning about the horse riding activity. For this you can seek some help from expertise. It is because once you start with your tour and you do not know how to control the horse it is going to become very difficult for you. This is the time when there are chances of getting hurt and sometimes becoming a victim of severe injury.

It is highly important that you carry out proper research when planning for horseback tours. This will give you the courage to ride the horse and enjoy the adventure or the terrain all by yourself. The first and the foremost thing which you will always have to remember is that you need to be patient with the horse. Have all your safety jackets and other stuff put up so that in case of an emergency you do not hurt yourself and have any injuries.

With the right preparations you will see that the horseback tours will be full of enjoyment and adventure.

Fun Family Vacations

Family vacation… These two words can bring up many images: fun, family memories and photos, seeing unique and historical places that you’ll remember forever, and of course, the car trips filled with “Are we there yet?” from the back seat before you even leave the driveway, which make you wonder if you should even go.

Too often, people think they have to spend a lot of money to have a successful family vacation, going to places like a major theme park or exotic locations. But, most of the time, the most memorable vacations have just been when the family has had fun together.

A vacation doesn’t always mean traveling long distances, either. Every area has its own unique features, whether it is museums, historic landmarks or natural wonders. Take the time to be a tourist in your own backyard: you’ll be surprised to see what you discover.

Pretend you are new to your town, call the chamber of commerce and see what they would recommend to new visitors to town. Then see what’s of interest to your family. By staying close to home, you save gas money that can be spent on other things, like a nice dinner or souvenirs.

Camping is another wonderful family vacation. Even if you’re not the “outdoorsy” type, camping can be quite enjoyable. If you’re not sure you want to invest in all the equipment before you find out if you enjoy camping, see if a friend has camping gear you can borrow. Many camp grounds offer cabin rentals, that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature, but still have a little of the comforts of home.

Even if you can’t get a week’s vacation, take a day and spend it in the local park or a beach. Take a picnic, bring yard games. Just get out and play together. If it’s winter, find a hill where you can go sled riding and get hot chocolate after to warm up. Fall? Go apple picking. Spring? Tour a horticulture center and enjoy the beautiful flowers and trees.

The most important part of the family vacation is the family, not the destination. Go ahead: have some fun!

The Armed Forces Vacation Club – Seeing The World

Uncle Sam Travel Agency

The Armed Forces  Vacation  Club is a program offered to individuals and their families affiliated under all branches of the U.S. Military, including those affiliated with other entities associated with the Department of Defense. This program offers discounted rates for condominium  vacations  at specified resorts throughout the world. Anyone affiliated with an eligible entity and is 21 years or older may plan a  vacation  using the Armed Forces  Vacation  Club resources and may bring along family and friends as well.

Space-A Rental Rages

There are several types of rentals and features to choose from with the Armed Forces  Vacation  Club, depending on your specific needs, where you wish  to   go  and when. Space-A Rental Rages are a flat weekly rate regardless of location, size or date. Participating resorts with excess space make themselves available to the ARMED FORCES  Vacation  Club as Space-A rentals.

The down side to this particular feature is that it is unlikely Space-A will be available during peak seasons, like winter in Colorado or Daytona during April and May when most spring breaks are scheduled. If this is not a problem for you or the people you are planning to travel with, the weekly rate of less than $400 is quite a bargain. The Armed Forces  Vacation  Club search engine will help you find out what is available within this program.

Last Call Feature

The Last Call feature of Armed Forces  Vacation  Club caters for eligible individuals that are unable to plan far in advance. Featured Last Call destinations include such states as Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New England, Utah, as well as international destinations like Canada and the Bahamas.

Though some of these may not be the most sought after destinations, that is the price you pay for a last minute  vacation . However, a studio hotel room in the Bahamas for less than $250 per week hardly seems like a bad deal. Many people may not realize that even though it is off-season, Colorado’s landscape and climate makes for a beautiful summer, especially if you and your family enjoy hiking, mountain climbing and other outdoor adventures.

Avoid The Crowds

Though many of the destinations offered by Last Call and Space-A options are not the most popular destinations for that particular time of year, that can be considered a positive thing. New England, for example, is a popular autumn destination for those people traveling from the southern states because of its cool, crisp climate and the colors of the leaves changing from green to gold, red and brown.

It is true that New England has fantastic falls, but their summers should not be discounted. As one of the Armed Forces  Vacation  Club’s Last Call featured destinations for the summertime, it’s worth a second glance. Summers in New England include fly fishing in New Hampshire, the Tall Ships Rhode Island Festival in Newport, as well as shopping, beaches and dining.

Nightly Getaways at Discount Rates

Though the features discussed so far have been weekly rated rentals, the Armed Forces  Vacation  Club also offers Nightly Getaways at discount rates if you are only able to take a night or weekend away. Destinations within the United States begin at $40 per night with international rates up to $140 per night. Destinations are literally worldwide, including most US States, Great Britain, Australia, South America, Europe, The Bahamas and many more.

Another feature available to all participants is the Off Duty Travelers Advantage membership which offers travel assistance, a low price guarantee and 5% cash back on certain travel packages. The features are inclusive of nearly all facets of  vacation  travel, including cruises, hotels, cars and travel assistance. At $9.99 per month, the savings will pay for the membership the first time you use it.

Help With Travel Arrangements

The main goal of the Armed Forces  Vacation  Club is to provide affordable accommodations for eligible participants; however, they can also assist you in finding special rates on airfare, rental cars, cruises and other travel packages. They may also be able to find discounts at resorts and destinations that are not included in Space-A, Last Call or Nightly Rates through the Armed Forces  Vacation  Club.

It’s also not exclusive to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines as you may think. The Department of Defense also encompasses the Coast Guard, National Guard, the American Red Cross, contractors working on a military installation, civilian employees of the Department of Defense or any military branch, and all family members can enjoy the benefits of the Armed Forces  Vacation  Club.