The Perfect, Imperfect Romantic Getaway

It was our two year anniversary and I thought I’d planned the perfect weekend romantic getaway. Two nights at a Cape Cod beach chalet, flower petals paving the way to our bedroom, champagne on ice- even her name in the sky at the local beachfront fireworks display. I spent days planning the vacation and a month’s salary paying for it. I wanted everything to be perfect, and as the universe often dictates, nothing was.

On the way down to the Cape we got stuck in horrible traffic. The flower petals were wilted and strewn about the room. The champagne ice bucket had soaked the bed. The fireworks spelled out ‘Sars’ instead of Sara. Needless to say, our relationship didn’t make it past Monday morning.

My mantra for planning that romantic vacation had been: “make it perfect.” I found out that perfect means there is nowhere to go but down. You try too hard, things are too scripted, your expectations are too high- whatever the reason – the trip doesn’t end well.

Let’s fast forward to last month, when I planned a getaway with my beautiful wife for our third wedding anniversary. I decided to take a more impromptu approach this time around. My new mantra: “find the right boat, and let the river take you.”

This time around my planning consisted of only an hour of light internet research. I narrowed my destination down to Myrtle Beach South Carolina, and found a site that had some great deals on romantic getaways. Other than that, we packed our bags into the car and drove south with little planning and even fewer expectations.

We arrived in the quaint seaside town of Murrell’s Inlet, tucked away just several miles from the glitz and glamor of Myrtle Beach. We were greeted at our hotel by a lovely and polite staff, and were pleasantly surprised to see some great accommodations for the bargain price. The staff recommended a local restaurant called Divine Fish House, which had out-of-this-world lobster bisque and a waterfront view to match. We fell asleep full-bellied and satisfied to the crickets and the ocean.

The next morning our hotel staff recommended a local fishing tour by the name of ‘Captain Dicks’ that would take us onto the Atlantic and show us views of the Myrtle Beach shoreline. I know what you’re thinking: trawling around on a dirty boat with a bunch of squid entrails and a guy named Captain Dick is possibly the least romantic thing you could do. I was thinking the same thing but, under oath to my new mantra, decided to give it a try.

It turns out it was one of the most romantic parts of our getaway. My wife reeled in a ‘crimson snapper’, and was as proud as I’d ever seen her. Dolphins trailed our boat, leaping out of the water to catch the bait we threw at them.

We returned to shore just as the sun set a deep orange on the Atlantic. That night we went down to Broadway at the Beach, which has a great nightlife and is full of restaurants and entertaining venues. We ended up eating corn dogs and playing carnival games like two kids in love.

All in all, I didn’t spend much time (or money) trying to make this a romantic getaway, but it turned out to be a vacation that my wife and I will remember for a lifetime. My suggestion is don’t sweat the details, find yourself a sturdy boat, and let the river take you.

On Your Marks, Get Set, PSP GO!

This October will be a month true gamers will remember for a very long time. The main reason is new handheld device Sony is developing, and everyone is eager to try (and possibly own). It is their newest sensation simply called PSP GO!

Back in the days, only teenagers were playing video games, and were the main target audience for this kind of amusement. But as the times are changing, we are witnessing how girls, adults, working men, and even girls in their thirties are literally hooked on new games which are not used to amuse, but to sharpen your concentration and reflexes.

Model PSP – N1000, or as we call it PSP GO is a more perfect, hand fitting console, made by Sony, and announced for release next month in USA and in Europe (Japanese gamers will have to wait till mid November, before they give it a try).

One should not be confused about the future of PSP 3000 though. It will stay on the market, and Sony will continue its production and advertising support. PSP GO is slightly different, but is not planned to be a new generation of PSP 300. Both will continue their life on the market, in years to come.

PSP GO will reveal few innovations which Sony implemented for the first time. One of them is the usage of internal flash memory drive, with 16 GB, where users can store their media, video materials and off course – games.

If a user decides to use more memory, it can be arranged. You just need to use a M2 flash card (or better known as Memory Stick micro), and you can double the storage space. If you use more advanced Micro SD/Micro SDHC card, your memory space can even be extended up to 48GB! That is why PSP GO is called a gaming revolution, because Sony people did their best to improve it and embrace various innovations.

What else is new? Well a lot of things. PSP GO has a smaller, yet more powerful battery. It also has slide screen, which, once you move it, reveals the control part of the console. You can compare its shape to mylo COM – 2 device (also developed by the same producer – Sony).

That is not all, there are more improvements! PSP GO has a Wi-Fi built in, and there is also a Bluetooth support. You can easily connect to other users, to mobile phones and other game pads and consoles and enjoy your gaming experience.

Cruise Ship Travel – Tips For a Smooth Trip

Cruise ship travel can be an exciting experience, whether you are planning a family get-away for everybody or just a romantic trip for two. While being out on the water can be an invigorating and exciting experience, there are also those people who end up having a terrible time out there. Planning ahead and knowing what to expect on a cruise tour can help make your trip a more pleasant experience.

Who’s Coming?

The first step to planning good cruise ship travel is to know who’s coming along for the ride! This is important because there are different cruise packages suited to different passenger needs. For example, there are cruises that cater specifically to senior citizens while others are more family-oriented and have many recreational facilities for children. Knowing who’s coming for the cruise can make choosing the right cruise package much easier.

Next, you need to know what your budget is going to be. Be aware that there are cruise liner trips out there that literally cost heaven and earth. There are also those that are relatively inexpensive – knowing how much you can spend on the cruise will narrow down the choices for you. If you’re opting for an all-inclusive cruise, make sure about what exactly is included under the tag ‘inclusive’. This may vary with different cruise packages.

Are We There Yet?

You also need to take into consideration how long your cruise ship travel vacation is going to be. Some people end up rushing from port to port without really seeing anything. Others end up being bored; spending days in places they aren’t interested in. If you don’t have much time to spare, consider a ‘cruise to nowhere’, which simply takes you out into the ocean and then back again. If you have a week or more to spend, you can easily take in different ports of call in places like Europe and the South Pacific.

Another thing to consider is what you would like to do when on your cruise. Remember that you will be spending a lot of time on the water, and without the right activities, you could get cabin fever. Cruises will have an activities’ director on board who is in-charge of things like shore activities – these include a wide range of things, depending on the destination. You could take a tour of European museums or do some trekking and diving!

Don’t forget to pay attention to the kind of cabin you want to book. Most people like to book the cheapest cabins so that they have more to spend on things like shopping. However, a few extra dollars can be a pleasant investment for a nice cabin – for instance, some cabins provide you with a private balcony, which can be a very magical experience on a cruise! Last but not least, make the right arrangements to get to your ship’s embarkation destination. Some cruises offer a fly-cruise package, which can be very convenient in spite of the extra cost. Keeping these tips in mind can make your cruise ship travel a really pleasant experience.

There Are So Many Reasons to Have for Celebration During the Holidays, a Paradigm Shift May Follow

***Have a reason to be festive during the holiday season! Does knowing that you’ve had some much needed vacation time, enough to get introspective about your life have you deciding you want to get out of the usual routine of how you are doing things? Why? Can it be because you want to be happier, plan better for the future, work less, spend less, or simply to do more of what your spirit finds happy and blissful? Well, downtime, or vacation time is usually the time where paradigm shifts begin to formulate, in your brain, thoughts that are life changing can sometimes simply be outstanding and truly amazing!

There are so many reasons to have for celebration during the change of season, end of the year, recognition of the holy birth and more reasons for celebration.

Whether you decide to celebrate at home, on vacation or make a new plan at another location, be sure to celebrate the holidays with a bit of nostalgia for what life has brought you. *** Now, more than ever before is a time to be nostalgic in these times of renewal, regeneration and rebirth. Yes, the end of the year is a time to be clear about what you want to bring to yourself for the coming new year.***Now that 2016 is NEARLY over, it’s a great time to think of a myriad of out-of-ordinary things to do to enhance your joy and enlighten your spirit. Have a reason to be happy, make this a festive occasion for celebration, holiday seasons are the best time to reflect or capitulate upon opportunities for change and of renewed energy. Make this season a reason to be more festive; decide you’re going to invest in a paradigm shift for a better outcome in 2017!

It has been stated many times, that if you change yourself, your thinking, your daily routine and your actions, you actually change the trajectory of the paradigm of where you were headed to a paradigm shift of where you want to go.

So you ask: What is a paradigm shift? Simple answer: It is when at a given time, for no particular reason, or rhyme you decide to change your thoughts from I CANNOT do something to I CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING!

Really, in layman’s terms it means a time when you decide to change your routine and step away from your usual ways of thinking about how you do things and decide to change by doing something that is different with the intention that it’s for your greatest, highest and best possible outcome. It involves risk to change, though what reward in life do you have unless you deviate from routine? With routine you get predictable results; decide to go out of your routine and into a new paradigm shift. Open the door, with your new thought process,decide to seek and expect new, higher, and better possible outcomes!

As far as New Year’s Resolutions are concerned, I think it’s a great idea! There’s a new date on the calendar, complete with a new year, so go on get started! Celebrate a paradigm shift with new thoughts releasing renewed energy to put the thoughts in motion, take the steps and prepare your mind for inviting a get a new career into your new life. Release old friendships that are no longer healthy, call your long, lost relatives or learn how to country line dance, the World is your oyster!

Here is a list of suggestions for you and me too:

Clean out closets from empty shoe boxes or clothes that you haven’t worn in 1 year or more.

Repair, recycle or revisit jewelry box content, give away jewelry to family members, friends or donate to someone who can wear those red heart earrings that you haven’t worn in 15 years. You know what I mean? We all have some ugly jewelry that needs to leave our homes and should have left the minute we only wore them once… Same for our watches that are too old and haggard to be worn again.

Kitchen cabinets filled with too many dishes or too many pots and pans: Some don’t even have handles anymore, but we still keep them in cabinets or drawers taking up valuable retail space.

Spice rack: Too many old spices, or spices that need to be consolidated, get rid of the excess and feel better with less clutter in your kitchen.

Too many old, unused or out-of-date electronics, ie., old clocks, radios, televisions, CD’s and well, you know what I mean. Donate them, give them away or contact a women’s shelter in your area to pick them up. One person’s things, gone unused can be used by another person during their hour of need for everyday living.

You get the picture, I just looked around my home to see how I can change my pattern and invite new ideas, actions, things and allow more positive things to be released into my life by inviting a paradigm shift in my focus, thoughts and intentions.

Have a happy holiday and enjoy your festivities with vigor and renewed thoughts!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Cruises For Singles – Having a Blast in Your Singles Cruise

If you are single and you want to meet new people while at the same time have a fun and relaxing adventure out in the sea, then a singles cruise is the perfect vacation for you. These trips are specially tailored for unmarried people who want to indulge in a tranquil ocean atmosphere. There are also many activities aboard the ship such as luncheons, cocktail mixers, dance parties and sports fests which aim to bring together people who are eager to make new friends.

Choose a voyage that is exclusively for you:
The first step to take in planning your voyage is to look for a ship company that offers cruise packages exclusively for people of such marital status. This must be explicitly stated in the tour description so you will know the activities that may await you aboard the ship.

Make your bookings online:
Websites of companies often have more detailed and more updated information than travel agencies. You will find more diverse and exciting options when you browse through these websites. Discounts, promos and special tour opportunities are also usually scored online. Online bookings are also faster to process since all it takes is a click to make everything final.

Look for ways to save on money:
Most ship line companies offer big discounts and price cuts to passengers who indicate that they will be traveling alone. This is because when you register as a lone passenger, you will be given the option to avail of a free roommate matching service. This feature will allow you to be paired with another individual who matches your demographics. Once this option is availed, at least 75% of your travel expense will be automatically slashed off. This is an easy way to save money on the trip and an excellent avenue to meet and spend time with a new friend.

Pick the theme and destination that will best suit you:
There are general voyages for singles and there also themed ones. If you want a more unique experience, you can go for a themed vacation. There are a wide range of theme options to choose from such as Hawaiian, Christian and Fitness. Themed voyage packages are much more exciting because they structure all the activities around the theme.

Get a holiday with the right age limit and number of passengers:
If you are going on a voyage designed for your requirements, it will be best for you to pick one that caters to an age range that you belong in. This will increase the chances of you finding a suitable match during the trip. It will also be helpful to join a trip that has many booked passengers so that you will meet as many unmarried people as you can.

Plan your itinerary:
Before you embark on a voyage, you have to decide whether you will take an onboard-only package or one that includes side trips when you dock in new places. This is needed in order to give you an idea of what to expect during the trip. If you are going alone, it might be best to go for an onboard-only cruise as you will get to spend more time meeting new friends.

However, if you are on a holiday with a group, it may be more enjoyable for you to get off the ship and into the dock for more exciting adventures.

Socialize and be open:
The whole point of going on one of these vacations is to meet people you have never met before in your life. Thus, if you remain a wallflower and shy away from other people, you will not enjoy your trip. It is very important for you to make new friends and approach people you see in the trip. These are people you will be spending days and nights with so you need to form a bond with them for you to be able to enjoy your voyage.

My Spouse Has to Go Into a Nursing Home – How Much Can I Keep?

Most people know that in order to qualify for Medicaid coverage of a long-term stay in a nursing home, the nursing home resident cannot own more than $2,000 in cash or other “countable” assets. But if you’re married, and one spouse is going into a nursing home and the other is remaining “in the community” (i.e., continuing to reside at home), how much can the so-called “Community Spouse” retain? That amount is determined by a combination of both federal and state Medicaid laws. (Note that for these purposes it doesn’t matter whether assets are titled in the sole name of the nursing home spouse, the Community Spouse, or jointly in both names.)

The basic rule is that the Community Spouse can retain 50% of all of the countable assets of both spouses, based on what they own when the other spouse first enters the nursing home for a continuous period of at least 30 days.

Most of the states only permit the at-home spouse to protect one-half of the total amount of the couple’s assets, up to $109,560, but with a minimum of $21,912. So if the couple’s total assets are under $21,912, the Community Spouse can retain it all; if their total assets are between $21,912 and twice that amount (i.e., $43,824), the Community Spouse retains $21,912; if between $43,824 and $219,120, the Community Spouse retains half; and if over $219,120, the Community Spouse is limited to protecting $109,560.

Here are some additional examples:


1. Assume a couple has total assets of $30,000. Half of that is $15,000, which is less than the “floor” amount, so the at-home spouse can protect $21,912; the balance must be “spent down” before the nursing home spouse can qualify for Medicaid.

2. If the couple’s assets total $100,000, then the Community Spouse can protect the full 50% amount: $50,000.

3. If the couple’s assets total $300,000, the Community Spouse’s protected amount is limited to $109,560.

States following the above rule are known as “50% states.” However, the most lenient states (“100% states”) permit the at-home spouse to retain 100% of the couple’s combined assets, but never more than $109,560. So if the couple’s total assets are, say $150,000, the Community Spouse can protect not just 50% ($75,000) but $109,560. (The $109,560 figure changes annually, to keep up with inflation; this is the 2009 amount.)

In all states, once the Community Spouse’s share is set aside, the nursing home spouse can keep up to $2,000 in cash, but the balance of the couple’s assets must be eliminated somehow before the nursing home spouse can qualify for Medicaid.

So what do you do with the “excess” assets over the limits discussed above? The state Medicaid administration department will tell you that you must “spend down” the excess assets, and if it’s a small amount, that’s certainly the simplest way to qualify.

Another alternative is for the couple to simply give away the excess, but that will cause a period of disqualification from Medicaid eligibility for the nursing home spouse.

The couple could convert some or all of the excess from “countable” to “non-countable,” e.g., buying a new car, improving the house, purchasing a Medicaid annuity, etc.

Finally, many of these options are quite technical and require the skills and advice of an experienced elder law attorney. Unless you’re an attorney “in the trenches” on a daily basis, it’s easy to miss a recent state Regulation or Agency Letter and make a mistake that will wind up costing you $1,000s!

10 Top Singles Trips With a Travel Group

1. Costa Rica Eco-Beach Singles Adventure

Costa Rica, a land of volcanoes, rain forests, waterfalls, beaches and rivers offers the perfect singles trip for the adventure traveler. Considered one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, your Costa Rica group vacation can include a variety of activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking in the cloud forests, and guided bird-watching tours. What better way to bond with new travel buddies then ziplining across canopy tops together.

2. Greece Island Hopping Singles Trip

Ancient history mixed with beautiful beaches combined with fantastic cuisine makes Greece a top 10 singles vacation destination. No matter how old you are or how you travel from Island to Island, ferry, cruise or plane, Greece is the place to be. Everyone wants to visit the beaches in Mykonos and view the sunsets in Santorini but no one wants to do it alone. Travel with a singles group and you will visit Paradise together.

3. Thailand Singles Vacation

Thailand, known as “the Land of Smiles” is a first great step to discovering Asia. Gifted with some of the most amazing tourist attractions and sightseeing adventures, Thailand has a wonderful mix of culture, tradition, and heritage. Explore temples, ride an elephant and visit a floating market on your vacation. Don’t speak the language, no problem your singles group tour leader does.

4. Italy Singles Tour

There is so much to see and do in Italy that there are multiple singles vacations to choose from. Walk in the footsteps of Ancient Romans, drive the Amalfi Coast or travel to Tuscany the choice is yours! The architecture and food are the main reasons to travel to this magnificent country steeped in history. So share a meal and a bottle of wine with new travel friends in Italy.

5. Kenya Singles Safari

On the top of every traveler’s bucket list is an African Safari. The Masai Mara National Reserve is Kenya’s premier wilderness safari park and home to the famous Big Five: lions, elephants, rhinoceros, leopards and buffaloes. Spotting the Big Five with fellow travelers then sharing your photos and stories over dinner are the highlights of everyone’s safari vacation.

6. Cancun All-Inclusive Week

Singles are always looking for an all-inclusive singles vacation in Mexico or the Caribbean. The “adult only resorts” are designed for couples and very rarely have single guests. An All Inclusive Singles Week includes: a singles host, all your food and drink and a guarantee that there will be other singles to hang out with.

7. San Francisco Singles Weekend

It’s no secret that a weekend trip to San Francisco is an amazing experience. Join a fun group of singles and eat at Fisherman’s Wharf, see the Golden Gate Bridge and ride a Cable Car. Who knows, maybe you will leave your heart in San Francisco too.

8. Machu Picchu Singles Trip

Machu Picchu, a truly magical destination shrouded with mystery and surrounded by some incredible scenery makes the list of top 10 singles vacations. Whether you trek the Inca Trail, rated among the ten best trekking trails in the world or take the train to Machu Picchu your sense of adventure and exploration will come alive.

9. Ireland Singles Vacation

Looking to Kiss the Blarney Stone during the day, party at Irish Pubs at night then Ireland would be the perfect singles vacation for you. The Irish have a passion for music, dance and conversation and it only takes two to have a good time. And who can resist listening to the Irish accent, famed the world over for its romantic and lyrical lilt.

10. Your Dream Singles Trip

What is your dream vacation? If you are single and do not enjoy traveling alone then consider vacationing with a singles group. It is a safe, convenient way to travel and your trip will be escorted, pre-planned with plenty of tours, free time and new friends. So don’t wait for your friends with no money or time. choose your dream singles trip now and enjoy.

When Was The Last Time You Took A Close Look?

Did you know the average American spends about 12 hours a year planning their next vacation? There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s possible that’s not enough time spent. Everyone should enjoy as much vacation time as possible. It’s been said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Did you know that the average American spends less than 30 minutes a year planning and/or reviewing their life insurance and retirement plan?

Who wants to talk about that anyway, right?

A very large portion of the population reaches retirement age simply unprepared financially. It’s been reported that the percentage of the population is as much as 60% or more. It’s also been reported that very few, as few as 4% of the population retires with the same level of income they had before retiring and will continue to have that same level of income the rest of their lives.

It’s also been said that there are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics.

Regardless of the statistics, the question you should be asking yourself is in the title of this article.

Those who take the time to plan and review their long-term goals have a much better chance of achieving those goals. Who cares about the statistics? It just makes sense.

Does it also not make sense to have a plan in place in case the plan doesn’t go as planned? What if the back-up plan is the plan itself? What if the plan can be used in more than one way? What if it could be used as the plan in case things DO go as planned but in the event things don’t, then it becomes the back-up plan?

What if plans change? What if situations change? What if… ? The list is endless.

The reality is a lot of people simply refuse to take the time to plan and review. There are countless reasons why. Most common: “I’m too busy”. “I don’t have the money”. “I can’t worry about the future. I’ve got too much to worry about now”. “I only live for today”.

All are real. Are any of them valid? Do they make sense? Is there any good reason why someone should not have a planned course of action that is flexible, reviewable, and affordable? If so, please share it.

Please, take the time to plan vacations and other fun activities. However, if you’re not prepared financially, whether things go as planned or not, the plan is probably just a dream. Dreaming is good but it takes a plan of action for the dream to become a reality.

Do you plan to retire? When? Assuming you have a clear idea of what you want and where you want to go etc. do you really have a clear idea and are you in control of what you have in place to fund it?

If so, you’re in the minority. If not, when do you plan to look into it?

Time to Re-Think Social Issues and Go Back to Financial Ones

I believe the problem we face today is people are more concerned about social issues then financial ones. We’ve been brainwashed in thinking more about environment, sexual preference, and from my perspective over done on being healthy. If you don’t have enough cash how can you eat right, or reduce stress wouldn’t that be more of a health risk? Rather then citizens going protesting for better wages, job creation, and reducing the way over taxation we fight for social issues. I am a very compassionate person, but bringing in 30,000 immigrants who don’t have a shot at getting a decent well-paying job either is not prudent. It turns into more of our tax dollars to support them, while there are thousands of citizens who can’t afford a place to live or food in their mouths. It just seems we have our priorities really mixed-up in these uncertain times. Here is what I mean by this statement.

Obtaining an education today means taking on serious debt, and then not being able to find a well-paying job is financial suicide. No matter what fair waged job or not our greedy government expects to be paid back. It is no concern of theirs they aren’t generating job creation and taxing people into bankruptcy. It’s all about giving away our tax dollars to people from other countries. The burden gets even worse here because those who can find jobs end up on welfare, or get mentally ill living on disability. The part of population going to their crappy jobs pays for those people too. What about new entrepreneurs can they still exist in this country?

The truth is Government decided to let in major corporations from other countries in, then actually investing in their own talented citizens. A corporation like Wal-mart is very hard for small Mom and Pop business to compete against. These corporations offer minimum wage which is substandard to cost of living, and no job security including set hours. They’re not doing anything wrong, it is our government who sets the minimum wage, and labor board who determines what they can and can’t do. Our wonderful government has also allowed them to be one stop shops. An entrepreneur wanting to open up a shoe store can’t compete, dead in the water before the doors open. The government knows this, so that is why getting a business loan is almost unattainable. Just consider how many small businesses have been destroyed in smaller towns by companies like Wal-mart, and everyone buys into the trip. Better pricing but no well enough paying jobs for consumers to buy step-up quality. There has been so many horrendous financial mistakes done by our governments over the decades it’s ridiculous. Free trade took away our manufacturing jobs, belonging to O.P.E.C took away low-cost fuel pricing, and now the Government taxes that even further.

Maybe we should re-think how much time, effort, and money is being thrown into social issues. How about stop taking one for the team living on credit cards to supplement our incomes. Focusing on fighting for the things that will provide our children with a bright future instead. Fair wage jobs, money, and reasonable taxation might be the first direction. Here’s the truth for the majority of us no one will remember we even existed in a 100 years. Worrying about our Great Grandchildren environmentally is a smoke screen the governments and activists take away hiding real issues which is financial. Maybe it is also time to bring home the troops stopping the financial bleeding we are experiencing here. No more bringing refugees until all our ducks are in row. That means every child gets a proper education, health care, and possibility of an amazing future with our tax dollars. This also includes the right for their parents to buy homes at reasonable pricing, not purchasing a shack they can’t afford because it so over priced, and then the hydro costs effect how the purchasing power for the necessities.

I am very fortunate to have a well-paying job, so this article is not about me but injustice I see everyday. I watch people taking about the environment because they can’t deal with the reality of their own lives. I see our Government being so careless with our hard earn tax dollars it makes me ill. The problem is anyone like me who speaks up is considered aggressive, not caring when I do!! It’s time for all us to lobby the Government to provide all of their citizens with being able to have a quality of life!

4 Things You Should Consider Before Going On a Spa Holiday

Going on a spa holiday can be one of the best ways to relax after months of working hard at your office. It will finally help you detach from all your worries and just enjoy the massages that your nerves so badly needed. However, before you embark on a spa holiday, you need to consider some things just to make sure that you get the best out of your money.

Here are the things you should consider before booking a spa holiday.

1. Is it Value for Money?

Spa holiday packages can be quite expensive and so you have to make sure that you get the best deal for your money. Check out the spa services online and read reviews left by earlier customers. You can also get in touch with the management and ask them about their services before booking a holiday. However, don’t be in a hurry when you are booking a deal. Take some time to check out the variety of options available and book something only when you like it.

2. Will They Give You the Service You Are Looking for?

You might get have specific needs in mind when you are booking a spa holiday. For instance, you might be looking for Ayurvedic massages while the place you are travelling to might not be able to provide you with them. So, in order to avoid such things, tell the hotel what you need in advance. They might be able to make arrangements for you. If not, you can always check out other places. But, don’t settle in for anything less than what you want because then you will not have a wholesome experience.

3. Can You Get a Better Deal?

As much as you like a spa package, don’t be in a hurry to book it. Look around a bit and check if you can get a better deal. Sometimes, you can get cheap travel deals on certain travel sites if you start checking a few days in advance. If you are travelling during peak season, it’s always better to book your reservations a bit in advance so that you get the best deal there is.

4. Does the Spa Have a Specialist?

Every spa should ideally have a specialist on board. If you are just looking for a relaxing massage, then you might not need them. But, if you are specifically looking for something therapeutic, then you should get in touch with a specialist. This way, you will be able to make sure that you get the service that you need.

A spa holiday can be the best way to relief stress and give some comfort to your sore muscles. Just keep these tips in mind while booking one.